image: concrete there’s no better means of online expression
identity websites
image: dublin leaves bienvenue à mon site du web
à propos d’ici
image: The principles underlying the redesign of arts & ego. the ideas behind the design of arts & ego
site design
image: tannoy sixty years of crayons, opinions, bins, …
… blog …
image: la défense abstract photosets taken in Puteaux
la défense
image: Damage is found photography. the slides were mouldy, the scanner stroppy
image: escher blummen beautiful flowers from the local parks
escher blummen
image: reflection of a window light i see you stop peeking close your eyes splat
… image …
image: an elderly computer dreadnought poetry
dreadnought DAW
flock state
image: Prague wandering an 8–bit factory floor
image: hoarfrost covered trees a 4–track, poetry, and an amiga
walkful thoughts
image: Devon Garde CD good stuff if you think this stuff is good
… music …
image: sunset in the firewatch woods an excellent game with a well–realised plot
image: people and park benches having read rankin’s novels, i want to sit in
rebus’s armchair
image: young tree branch the 2005 poetry summit was a superb festival
image: pretty reflets poetry novels summits and especially tea
… review …
image: park an opinionated HTML nitpicker
static site checker
image: woods reflected a fast holistic website link checker
image: woods reflected DR’s Graphical Environment Manager
GEM archive
image: tannoy not just a pretty photo you know
… software …
image: County Mayo 25 years of arts & ego and precursors
image: muzeum old and new (–ish), poetry and not
image: la défense freshly washed in dazzling brillo
image: from fire nothing to want everything to avoid
… indices …
image: cover of big town blues poetry collection published by KFS
big town blues
image: cover of none of the above artist’s book published by corrupt press
none of the above
image: cover of anticipating the metaverse poetry collection published by KFS
… metaverse
image: a poster for sale no words are better than none say some
… books …
mais en nos pays
nous n’avons plus eu
des langues compréhensible
Die Sprachen
sind Kinder
der Welt
one a screeching
blackboard / one a
 screeching bird

… poetry …

arts & ego by dylan harris